Public Comments on Sibling Link due by Friday February 3

The Board of Education proposed a policy change that would eliminate a sibling link for families not already in a language immersion program and would add weighting to the lottery for socioeconomic factors. This change is open to public comment until February 3, 2017. Comments may be left at A vote will occur in March where the Board of Education will make a decision on whether to accept the proposed policy change.

Some suggested comment topics are:

  1. MCPS needs more data to make data-driven policy decisions.
  2. A sibling link exists in all benchmark districts covered by the Choice Study.
  3. Siblings help reinforce learning.
  4. Lack of a sibling link will have a disparate impact on families with lower socioeconomic status.

Be polite, positive, and friendly with your comments. Board of Education members and MCPS staff respond better to positive feedback.

The MCPS summary page can be viewed at

The revised policy can be viewed at


Friends of Immersion Parents’ Group

If you would like to be involved in advocacy and outreach to MCPS, the Montgomery County Board of Education, or other stakeholders, you can join Friends of Immersion. This is a group of individuals and families interested in maintaining and strengthening the Montgomery County foreign language immersion programs. You can request membership at Friends of Immersion is not affiliated with the Maryvale PTA.

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